Is Jesus Who He Claims to Be?

Is Jesus Who He Claims to Be?


1. He claimed to be God in human flesh.  John 10:30



2. Jesus claimed to be the only way to God.  Jn. 14:6



3. Jesus said that condemnation awaits those who do not believe in Him.  Jn. 3:16-21



4. The Bible affirms that Jesus is God.  Hebr. 1:3;  John 1:1, 14



5. Evidence for His Deity:

a. Miracles.  Mt. 11:5

b. Teaching.  Mt. 5-7

c. Sinless life.  1 Pe. 2:2

d. Resurrection.  2 Peter 1:16

e. Fulfilled prophecies.  Isa. 53; Ps. 22

f. Martyrdom of the disciples.

g. Changed lives.


Conclusion:  Jesus is the Son of God, God in human flesh, the Savior of the world!

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